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Shenzhen NENGLIAN electronics Co., Ltd founded in 1997, the registered capital of 30 million RMB, who is one of the most senior and most experienced PV companies in China. NENGLIAN can provide reliable and stable photovoltaic product, system, service and solution, and also provide professional photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance management.

What’s more, NENGLIAN also invest in several photovoltaic project, who can get financial support from banks.

With 20 years experiences in photovoltaic developing, in China area, NENGLIAN has 5 leading projects who is the first project and has demonstration effect for China market.

The FIRST project of solar pumping system in Qinhai China 1995

The FIRST project of solar system remote monitoring/control system in Qinhai China 1996

The FIRST project of on-grid solar system in Shenzhen China 1999

The FIRST project of residential on-grid solar system in Shenzhen China 2003

The FIRST project of on-grid solar system feed in MWp wind farm network system in Guangdong China 2005

With our more than two decades of professional experience to provide first-class service, including photovoltaic power plant development, Investment, design, construction, operation, maintenance. Our commitment is based on thousands of success projects at domestic and overseas.